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Curious about the minds and driving forces behind Little Hearts Learning? Meet our team and read about our goals and where we want to take LHL next!

“At Little Hearts Learning, we believe providing equal education opportunities to young children contributes to breaking the cycle of poverty.”

Eliza Taylor, Board President

Little Hearts Learning was born from one simple idea, “Equal education for all.” Since its inception in 2019, Little Hearts Learning has committed to this vision.  What started as a handful of well-intentioned individuals, has bloomed into a family of Board Members, Staff Members, Volunteers and Donors:  A unified front, all working together to break the poverty cycle through education. 

2020, for many of us, was not without its challenges. However, our spirit would not be broken. After vigorous fundraising, interactive campaigns, and the support of our generous donors, Little Hearts Learning embarked on its first steps to realizing its vision. LHL has fully funded two early childhood education centers being built in remote communities along the Kokoda Trek. We have lit up two villages with the installation of 96 solar panels, and sponsored the education of 8 local teachers to complete their studies. In addition, Little Hearts Learning has several benevolence funds aimed to boost the economy in remote villages, from sponsoring local businesses to helping families with rent and medical care.  LHL is committed to the continued support of these villages. Learn more about benevolence sponsorship here .

Our hard work doesn’t stop there. LHL is always searching to extend our reach to ensure the younger generation receive an education no matter their race, gender, or socioeconomic background.

From humble beginnings, LHL has gone from strength to strength and will continue to do so with each passing day. We are eagerly striving to make a positive impact to those most needy.  By engaging young minds, empowering the communities we serve, and inspiring the next generation, LHL is committed to making its vision a reality.  

Little Hearts Learning is the embodiment of how one simple idea “Equal education for all” can unify a collective into action and ignite change for a better world.  If you believe in equal education and have a desire to create a brighter future for those in underserved communities, we’ve got more to share.


We provide aid through educational services, school infrastructure, food and shelter programs, and medical resources in order to break the poverty cycle in the communities we serve.


To see poverty diminish 
and communities thrive

Our Core Values


Understanding the importance of disclosure, transparency is at the heart of our organization.


Through integrity we remain accountable to those we serve.


Having compassion allows us to connect with those we serve without judgment, creating an open and accepting environment.


We are committed to maintaining passion and excellence in all of our endeavors.
Our Board of Directors
Eliza Taylor

Eliza Taylor

Board President

Eliza Taylor

Michele Gorman

Board Treasurer

Eliza Taylor

Michael Aronson

Board Member

Our Ambassadors

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