Completed Projects

Little Hearts Learning has completed several projects in Papua New Guinea. Through the generosity of donors from around the world, LHL has built two early childhood education centers, lit up two villages with solar power, and sponsored the education of several teachers to go back to school and finish their degrees. In addition, through our benevolence sponsors, LHL has helped support hundreds more in local business, rent, and domestic violence safe houses.


Little Hearts Gorari

The first of LHL’s early childhood education centers is situated on the historic Kokoda Track. Little Hearts Gorari has been fully funded with construction being completed in June 2021. This ECE will be home to 216 students as they embark on a lifelong journey with education.

Little Seedlings Kou Kou

Construction has already begun on LHL’s second fully funded ECE, Little Seedlings Kou Kou. The building will be completed in October of 2021 and will facilitate up to 80 students from the remote Oro Province in Papua New Guinea, providing them with a stable environment to begin their educational journey.

Solar Panels

After a devastating earthquake in 2018, a majority of the solar panels in Papua New Guinea were destroyed and hadn’t since been reinstalled. With the the now fully funded Solar Panel Project, LHL has switched the lights back on in two remote villages, allowing students to continue their homework after dark and light up the streets, making them safer to walk at night.

Teacher Sponsors

In 2020, the Papua New Guinea government introduced a New Education Policy, making it mandatory for all teachers to have a 12th grade education. While many teachers had been working for years, they now had to go back to school in order to finish their studies. After reaching its fundraising goal with monthly teacher sponsorships, LHL was able to fund the education of several local teachers, allowing them to complete their education and continue to do what they love most.

Benevolence Sponsors

The definition of benevolence is “A Kind Act.” Through its fully funded benevolence sponsorship LHL and its donors have done just that, providing funding for local businesses such as Paw Paw Packs – a women powered enterprise providing hand made, reusable sanitary pads for women in the community. The benevolence sponsorship has also provided housing to a local health care worker, Ruth Konene, who no longer has to worry about paying rent while she’s busy tending to the health of those in her village. In addition, LHL Benevolence is helping to support vulnerable women seeking refuge from domestic abuse.