Frequently Asked Questions

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Little Hearts Learning Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to stay updated on your projects?
Our social media and website are the best ways to stay up-to-date on LHL projects.
Does LHL plan to exclusively work on international projects or will future plans include projects within the US?
LHL will always work internationally, helping poverty-stricken areas achieve quality education. However, we are expanding domestically starting this year. LHL is thrilled to be kicking off our US-based Leadership & Mental Health Awareness conferences for youth in the Fall of 2021.
Can you please explain the teacher sponsorship?
PNG recently changed teacher education requirements. Previously, the law stipulated teachers have a 10th grade education, but now they must have a 12th grade education. Sponsoring a teacher allows them to complete their education and return to teaching.
Since the schools are being built in remote locations, how are the materials getting there?
Building materials are taken by ship to PNG, and then taken by truck or helicopter to the site locations.
Who designed the schools? Were there prerequisites you had to include in the design?
The designs were made in the village themselves. We adhere to their needs and requirements.
Will the team be visiting the school when it’s safe to travel?
It’s absolutely on our to-do list! We will be visiting for our teachers’ graduation and hiking the Kokoda Track mid-October or early November of 2021.
Do you/will you employ workers from local businesses to build the learning centers?
Yes, with the help of KTF, locals will be assembling the prefabricated schools.
How can donors help other than making a financial donation?
There are several ways in which you could help.
1. Spread the word about our organization
2. Create a local fundraiser
3. Talk to your employer about employee matching
What would you say sets you apart from other organizations that have similar missions?
The intimate relationship we cultivate with our supporters sets us apart. We’d be nowhere without you.
How often does the LHL board meet?
As the organization is considered young, the board meets weekly and speaks regularly.
How old do you have to be to volunteer?
At LHL, we require all our volunteers to be over the age of 18.
Does LHL have a volunteer program?
No, LHL does not have a volunteer program. We use volunteers due to limited staff resources, and they fill key roles within the organization.
How can someone volunteer?
At this time, all volunteer positions are currently filled. We encourage those interested and who believe they have a skill set LHL needs, to fill complete our application and attach their resume.