Healing Hearts Aid Post

Little Hearts Learning is not just for education: it is for the well being and overall health of communities in need. Building an Aid Post and providing care to those in need has been a dream of ours, and we can’t think of a more deserving community than this one. Let’s all work together to construct our first Aid Post, Healing Hearts, for the seaside community of Sanananda.

About Sanananda

Sanananda is a small village nestled beside the ocean on PNG’s Northern beaches with a community of approximately 1000 people. Accessible by boat, or a 2.5 hours walk from the nearest village, Buna, Sanananda is a remote community with little access to medical goods and services.

Given its location, Sanananda is prone to natural disaster. In 2020 alone, it was subject to earthquakes, cyclones, and flooding. The community has experienced everything from building damage to loss of the community’s water supply and crops. While this community is vulnerable, they are extraordinarily resilient, and with your help, they can have an aid post to match their spirit.

Healing Hearts Aid Post

The first Sanananda aid post was built by the community. It was a rustic, tiny facility with limited functionality. Healing Hearts Aid Post will be a purpose-built facility with two separate surgeries, one of which will be used as a much needed dedicated birthing suite. Currently, expectant mothers need to travel to the nearest village, Buna, to deliver safely. Together let’s bring aid and care to those most in need with LHL’s first aid post