Date: October 11-31st
Distance: 60 miles (5 miles a day max)


What is the Kokoda 60?

Join Little Hearts Learning as we embark on our second Kokoda Track Challenge! The Kokoda Track is a trail in Papua New Guinea that spans 60 miles and connects several remote villages along the way. This challenge is a celebration of our sponsored teachers who will be traveling the Kokoda Track as part of their graduation walk.

While the first Kokoda Track Challenge was about personal goals and going at your own pace, this challenge is meant to be done “together”. We will be utilizing the Pacer app once again but this time your daily mileage will be capped at 5 miles. We have 20 days to complete 60 miles (average of 3 miles per day) and with a 5-mile cap per day, you can rest one day and make up the miles the next. We want to cultivate an encouraging community online and leave the leaderboard behind. The Kokoda Track is only traversable on foot and, because we want to immerse ourselves in this experience, we are asking that steps be completed by walking, running, and/or hiking so that we can truly walk alongside our graduates!

Let the journey begin!

See the different tier options and rules below…


Tier One: “Lavender Package” 60 Mile Challenge, $125

    • Access to Pacer and online community
    • Medal (exclusive new design)
    • Race Bib
    • E-Certificate upon completion

Tier Two: “Lilac Package” 60 Mile Challenge, $100

    • Access to Pacer and online community
    • Kokoda Challenge T-Shirt 
    • E-Certificate upon completion

Tier Three: “Violet Package” 60 Mile Challenge, $75 

    • Access to Pacer and online community
    • Electronic bib
    • E-Certificate of Completion
  • Overview
    • 20 days to walk, and/or hike, and/or run 60 miles with a 5-mile cap per day in Pacer 
  • Run, Walk, Hike 
    • Passive Steps count (connect to fitness device) 
    • No biking, rowing, etc. for this challenge as we truly want to “walk” the Kokoda Track with our graduates
    • The Kokoda Trail is only traversable on foot, so we want to immerse ourselves in this experience
      • If you have a disability and want to join in on the challenge but are not able to walk, hike or run, please reach out to us and we will try to find a solution. We want everyone to feel included! 
  • There will be a cap of 5 miles per day on Pacer
    • Participants will only be able to log 5 miles, or less, in Pacer each day
    • This way we “walk” the challenge together and everyone can work together towards our shared goal
  • Leaderboard
    • Those who complete the challenge between the 12th and 20th day will automatically pop off the leaderboard but will still have access to Pacer and the newsfeed. Once you cross the finish line, stay in touch to help cheer others on!
  • Community
    • The community feed in Pacer is open to all participants and we encourage you to post pictures, song recommendations, encouragement, and more as we all walk this challenge together.

What is Kokoda Track?
Kokoda Track is a trail running through Owen Stanley Range in Papua New Guinea. From Owen’s Corner in Central Province to Kokoda in Oro Province, the trail covers 96 kilometers or just under 60 miles. Despite being mostly a straight line through PNG, Kokoda Track is one of the toughest trails to trek with most of it crossing terrain only accessible on foot. This trek can sometimes take up to 12 days to travel from one end to the other.
What is Pacer?
Pacer is a free fitness app which helps track your progress and connect with others participating in the same challenge. You will need to download the app and sign in using the challenge code. From there, it is easy! Pacer can connect to your smart phone’s hardware to detect movement, or you can use the app’s built-in GPS tracker to keep up with your progress. After that you are all set! You just need to start the challenge.

Kokoda Graduation Challenge

Lavender Tier

Lilac Tier

Violet Tier


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