Kokoda Seedlings Campaign

Thank you for your interest in supporting our second building in Papua New Guinea! We are beyond excited to be partnered with KTF in bringing not one but two early childhood education centers to PNG. 100% of proceeds from the Kokoda Seedlings campaign will go towards building our second school. Check out details below!

Term & Conditions

If application is approved we will contact you with a private link to our NDA. Scheduling will be on Saturday and Sunday’s starting in January and going through March. Times will be determined prior to each call.

  • 4 x 30 minute LHL zooms with Eliza and Bob for US$3000.00
  • 1 person only
  • International
  • Must be 18+
  • 24 tickets available only by selection
  • On the third zoom, a special guest from Little Hearts Learning will also participate.

From your donation to the Kokoda Seedlings Build Fund, US$3000 is tax deductible.

Term & Conditions

If application is approved we will contact you with a private link to our NDA. Scheduling will be on Saturday and Sunday’s starting in January and going through March. Times will be determined prior to each call.

  • 4 x 30 minute LHL zooms with Eliza and Bob for US$3000.00
  • 1 person only
  • International
  • Must be 18+
  • 24 tickets available only by selection
  • On the third zoom, a special guest from Little Hearts Learning will also participate.

From your donation to the Kokoda Seedlings Build Fund, US$3000 is tax deductible.

Kokoda Seedlings Application

Kokoda Seedlings Application


We provide aid through educational services, school infrastructure, food and shelter programs, and medical resources in order to break the poverty cycle in the communities we serve.


5301 Alpha Rd E80
Dallas Texas 75240

Tel: +1 9723959590
Fax: 18008862091

Contact Us

5301 Alpha Rd E80
Dallas Texas 75240

Tel: +1 972 395 9590
Fax: 1800 886 2091


Ashley A.

2020 is my 10th year of teaching. A full decade in the profession. In the year of 2020, of all things. I wanted to celebrate this year, but instead, I found myself approaching it with feelings of dread and detachment due to the unprecedented crisis our world is currently facing. But then something amazing happened: I was contacted about an opportunity to get involved with Little Hearts Learning. I jumped on board quickly, as I felt an instant connection to the board members and had met Bob and Eliza in previous years at conventions and was always delighted by their kindness and compassion for others. I knew that this would be a cause worth supporting.

LHL reignited my passion for education. It reminded me why I have the career that I do in a year where, admittedly, I was beginning to question some things. I stopped asking myself, "Why am I doing this?" and "What's the point of any of this?" because I just remembered; I just knew. It was as if a part of me that had been defeated by 2020 just rose back up, stronger than ever. It was energizing, motivating, and heartwarming all at the same time. LHL gave me courage to face all of 2020's hardships in my own school, and now, in large part because of this source of immense positivity in my life, I feel like I am doing some of the best teaching I ever have done in a decade of service as an educator.

Little Hearts Learning is about changing other people's lives, kids who have a right to an education because education is a form of justice, not simply a privilege. But like all charitable endeavors, it changes the lives of its donors, too. I am happier and more fulfilled than I have been in a long time, and therefore, I'm able to be a better teacher, daughter, and friend to the people in my life. I have also both made and strengthened friendships as a Cornerstone donor, connecting with amazing and generous people whom I might never have otherwise gotten to know. LHL has had a beautiful ripple effect on my life, one that I could not be more grateful for, one that I look forward to seeing expand in the future. Thank you, beyond words, for everyone who has helped and inspired me to get involved.

Ashley F.

Once I learned about Little Hearts Learning and Cornerstone I knew I needed to be a part of it. Bob and Eliza are such genuine, special people and the whole experience has meant more to me than words can say.

I was nervous starting the calls, and within a minute I felt so comfortable and calm. They have a way about them that just makes you feel heard and special. Every call we had went by so fast because we just had so much fun! They were candid and funny and real and it's something that is really a once in a lifetime kind of experience.

Everyone involved in LHL is so nice and inviting it feels like a family. I am really excited to see the future and what is to come, I plan on being a part of Little Hearts Learning in any way I can for a very long time.

I have made lifelong friendships thanks to cornerstone and that is something that I will be forever grateful for. Thank you LHL and thank you Bob and Eliza for creating this experience and making it so special and close to my heart.

Bob MorleyBoard Secretary

Bob was born in Country Victoria, Australia. He has a Bachelors in Creative Arts and began acting professionally at the age of 20 in theatre throughout Melbourne. Since then he has appeared in TV and Film around the globe.

Having been involved in fundraising for Peter Macullum Cancer Center, Jed Foundation, Beyond Blue, RFS, CFA and also a volunteer at the Edmund Rice Foundation, Bob has always had a higher calling for those in need.

Bob has family in the Philippines and he has witnessed the importance of a quality education. When his cousins moved from the Philippines to Australia he witnessed firsthand the hardships endured when an individual has to uproot their life to seek higher education. It is his belief that a quality education should be accessible to all, without the need to leave their family or community behind. Bob has joined Little Hearts Learning to bring this from a strong-held belief into a reality for children and families around the world.

Builder Level: $2000 Donation

Donation Tickets Available: 20

Two 60-minutes Hangout with Eliza & Bob Zoom Sessions up to 20 ticket holders. These sessions are meant to be a Q & A time with Bob & Eliza among 20 people. One person in attendance per ticket. Please post your questions prior to your zoom.

Featuring Special Guest: Claire Wyndham, Founder of Koh Tao International Primary

Photo on Zoom with Eliza & Bob

Personal Shout-Out Thank You to you from Bob & Eliza on Twitter

BONUS: Be in a DocuCharity Commercial of Little Hearts Learning with Eliza & Bob to be released in 2021

Be in a HaveFundy Video Commercial of Little Hearts Learning with Eliza & Bob

Your name on the Hall of Giving at KTP Thailand School once the building is built

Thank you autograph from Eliza & Bob

Free Beanie & Baseball Cap

Certificate of Donation


Having suffered from depression, anxiety and darkness, I have always felt useless and aimless.

Today with Little Hearts Learning and my donor experience, I have found what I have always needed. My light. They have given me meaning and above all objectives, which I cherish today. Building schools for those who need it, to break this circle of poverty and to simply share my heart. If there is one thing that I have learned from this wonderful experience, it is that we are all useful, we all have a little power to change things.

In this experience with my group and with the people I have got to know, like Bob and Eliza, I feel that we have shared our hearts and exchanged our consciousness and love all together. I love this way of making the world evolve, giving it more love, kindness and above all making humanity and solidarity grow all together, like a family.

Thank you Bob and Eliza, you are so caring with huge heart and thank you Little Heart Learning for this experience that has given me so many feelings. I will always be there, for a new experience. I love every member of the team with all my heart.


At the end of June I was approached to participate in at the time a secret project. I went back and forth for a few days on whether it was something I wanted to do, eventually I craved and agreed. Little did I know it would turn out to be one of the best decisions.

Every call started with me being nervous as hell but ended with laughs. between learning how to fight off sharks, Eliza dancing around in the kitchen, bob talking about monopoly and his school adventures, puppies, and ofc talking about serious topics, helping and trusting each other with personal and heartfelt matters.

You always think you know someone but until they let their guards down you never actually do. I got to witness a raw version of two people not many get to see and it’s only made me appreciate and adore these two even more. At the end of all these sessions it truly feels like I’ve gained friends/ family and I’m forever grateful for that. Since these calls I feel like I now can truly help the futures of multiple children around the world and make the world a better place for the future generations.

While having a blast was a plus, the goal was to assist LHL in helping children better their futures and provide a safe and nurturing place for kids to learn and grow. I’m happy to have helped and continue to help and support knowing i had a small hand in helping better a child’s life.

Thank you to EJB and LHL for allowing me this special opportunity, I’ll be forever grateful.

Eliza TaylorBoard President

Eliza Taylor was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. She started acting at the age of 11 when she got one of the leads in a Disney show called Pirate Islands. She acted all through her teens on such shows as The Sleepover Club and Neighbours. In her early 20’s she taught drama at The Actors Nest before heading off to LA where she landed her first major American role in the hit show The 100. Eliza was always interested in giving back. She adopted dolphins through the Dolphin Research Institute, as she was very concerned for endangered species and ocean conservation. When she was 12 she sponsored a child in Malawi through World Vision the same age as her. She continued to sponsor the boy, Umali, through high school until they were both 18. It gave her a great sense of purpose. She wanted to do more. Over the years she educated herself through hands-on experience with those in need. Through charitable fundraisers she has raised thousands of dollars for varying causes around the globe. With her new role as the President of Little Hearts Learning she is hoping to make her greatest impact yet.

Esther DanFundraising Director

Esther was born in Malaysia and has been advocating for education without borders for the past 25 years. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing & Business Administration, and a Certificate of Distinction in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Her parents took her and her brother, Samuel all over the world to teach them about cultures and education. To date, she has traveled to over 70 countries, visiting orphanages and schools. Recently, her parents passed away in an eight month period. To honor her parents legacy, she was looking for a charity online to support for the next ten years. Through a lot of research and a little luck, she found the team behind what would ultimately become Little Hearts Learning. The rest is history. Esther currently resides in Atlanta, GA and her hobbies include globe trotting, hiking, and reading.

Founders Story

Our goal through Little Hearts Learning is to help break the poverty cycle by working within communities to provide education, food, shelter and medical services. It was after traveling to Koh Tao, Thailand and volunteering at KTP that I saw the true unpolished picture of poverty. I spent a lot of time working with the Burmese Program and getting to know their needs. This experience caused a compelling desire to do more and so we did!

We started Friends of KTP in early July of 2019 in order to get charitable status in the United States, as the US would not recognize a foreign charity. Little Hearts Learning, the business trade name for Friends of Koh Tao International Primary, represents our purpose and passion. We have put together an amazing team of volunteers who share our passion. Within our first year as an official charity, we’ve been able to help Koh Tao’s poorest families send their children to a world-class school on the island, which otherwise would be unaffordable. In those situations, when school is unaffordable, the children either stay at home receiving no education or are sent away from the island of Koh Tao to live with relatives. This was something I witnessed while there. The children that came to school were so eager to learn and understanding their struggles broke my heart. We help keep families together by financially supporting any student in need with education costs, school meals, uniforms, and any other requests necessary for the child to have a healthy, happy learning experience. Our work continues in Koh Tao as we plan to build a proper school lifting the financial burden of rental buildings and the hassle of moving. It’s been our joy and honor to work alongside the Koh Tao International Primary School’s Founders, Claire Wyndham and Eliza Taylor, and its staff and volunteers.

We look forward to seeing this project come to fruition and expanding our reach of compassion to other children and communities in need.

Thank You,

Amber Mangus

HeatherMarketing and PR Director

Heather is a Mississippi girl currently living in a California world. She loves reading, writing, but definitely not arithmetic. In April 2019 Heather and a group of her friends founded The Red Plaid Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising money for a variety of causes to help those in need. To date they have raised just over $20,000. Heather covers various television shows and movies for TVSourceMagazine. She loves to talk and people tend to find her personable so we asked her to be our moderator, as needed. Though moderating is her primary role within Little Hearts Learning she brings more to the table behind the scenes in several different ways, including public relations. When not assisting Little Hearts Learning you can find her napping, baking, or watching True Crime videos on YouTube.


Ever since my husband, Brad got sick, I’ve taken on the mindset of enjoying the day because you never know what tomorrow will bring. In early July I was approached by Esther, someone I had only met in January about helping her with some ideas that LHL. The more we talked, the more I knew I wanted to help. Fast forward a few weeks and a partnership with my friend Chelsea, I’m sending in a donation.

Fast forward a little over a week and I’m sitting in front of my computer about to have my first zoom call with Bob and Eliza. I had no idea what to expect from these call but I never thought that they would have the impact that they did. I’ve met and spoken with both of them on numerous occasions but my eyes have been opened to a whole other side of these two amazing humans.

The calls were funny, deep, random (I mean, who would have thought they’d teach us how to fight off sharks?!😂), and sometimes all over the place...but they were real...we shared things and learned things about each other. It really felt like 4 friends coming together to catch up.

Things may be said about them because they are on TV and people may judge them without knowing what they are talking about, but until you sit down and talk to them and really listen...you really have no idea. I’m honored to say that I now have an idea and the love I have for these two has grown exponentially.
I’m blessed that through this process I’ve gain invaluable and a support system that is unmatched! Everything has grown organically and that is what makes it extra special. Bob, Eliza, Esther, the other Cornerstone donors are like family now... and that’s priceless!


These past few months have been difficult for everyone. Plans & special occasions have been postponed or cancelled. No one has been excluded. For me, the hits just kept coming until one day, out of the blue, I received an email that fundamentally changed my life.

The past several months in isolation due to COVID-19 have wreaked havoc on my mental well being ever since I started working from home full time in mid-March & not seeing my family. I know compared to a lot of people I’ve been very fortunate considering everything that is going on in the world. I felt beaten down & horrible because I really shouldn’t be complaining. I slowly started to trying to claw my way out of the darkness like so many times before.

Then an angel named Esther reached out to me about being a Cornerstone donor for Little Hearts Learning. The multiple emails that followed made me happy & excited again after feeling despair & anger for so long. Esther remembered me from winning The 100 Season 7 signed crew jacket at UD, which benefited & supported Eliza & Bob’s fundraising for the Australian Bushfire recovery effort (Remember the bushfires? Yes, that was still this year!). She knew I was a fan of Eliza & Bob so she thought I might be interested in also supporting LHL’s endeavors to assist in breaking the poverty cycle throughout the world.

She was right! And it was the best decision I have ever made. Esther has become such a wonderful friend. She has such a kind heart & is a blessing in my life.

Spending four weeks getting to know Eliza & Bob is a gift I will always cherish. Going into the first call I was very nervous & my anxiety was high. But there was no need to be nervous or anxious. It was as though we were friends who hadn’t seen each other for a while & we were catching up. The courage, strength, integrity, honesty, laughter, empathy, & vulnerability shared between the three of us has created a bond I never anticipated forming.

Bob’s vulnerability & candor regarding his mental health journey has impacted many people, including myself. Thank you, Bob, for inspiring me with your vulnerability. Eliza’s honesty, kindness, & love shines through her like a warm, guiding light. She cares for people with her entire being & it shows. Thank you, Eliza, for inspiring me to lead with kindness. What I have learned from you both has opened doors to friendships & connections that would not exist if it wasn’t for you sharing of yourselves.

Remember, the both of you are enough & you are worthy of all the good things that have happened & will continue to happen in the future. You have fundamentally changed my life for the better. I feel a sense of purpose, which is something I haven’t felt in a long time. I will be forever grateful.

I will never be able to fully express my gratitude towards Eliza, Bob, Esther, Mag, Amber, Khim, & Maddie and the rest of the LHL team. They have accepted me with open arms into this family. I am so proud to be part of Cornerstone and to support LHL and Eliza & Bob.

Michele Gorman Board Treasurer

A native of Seattle, Washington, Dr. Michele Gorman earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Jacksonville University. Additionally, Dr. Gorman is certified in non-profit management by the Center for Non-Profit Management and Southern Methodist University.

Dr. Gorman has twenty-nine years’ experience working in the non-profit sector, working with organizations across the US. She is accredited with developing and operating non-profits across Texas, advising government representatives from other states in the area of program development and her board experience is vast.

As a proud adoptive parent, Dr. Gorman believes that the value of education cannot be overstated. If a child is provided with an education, the world becomes a place of possibility and greater opportunity.

Pillar Level: $1000 Donation

Donation Tickets Available: 20

  • 2 X 50-minutes Hangout with Eliza & Bob Zoom Sessions up to 10 ticket holders. These sessions are meant to be a Q & A time with Eliza & Bob among 10 people. One person in attendance per ticket. Tickets will be divided to Group A & Group B. Please post your questions prior to your zoom. Dates TBA. No recording allowed. Non-disclosure agreement required.
  • Featuring Special Guest: Claire Wyndham, Founder of Koh Tao International Primary
  • Photo on Zoom with Eliza & Bob
  • Your name on the Hall of Giving at KTP Thailand School once the building is built
  • Thank you autograph from Eliza & Bob
  • Free Beanie & Baseball Cap
  • Certificate of Donation
Rachel SkarstenAmbassador

Rachel Skarsten is a Canadian native who was born and raised in Toronto. Her journey as an artist started when she landed her first big role of Black Canary/Dinah Lance in the WB series Birds of Prey at 16 years old. She then took a hiatus and returned to Canada to focus on her education as a double major in English Literature and Classical Studies. After moving back to LA, Rachel found success appearing in projects such as Lost Girl, Fifty Shades of Grey, and The CW's Reign. She is currently starring as the scene-stealing antagonist on Batwoman. 

In her free time, Rachel is an avid animal lover, with a focus on raising awareness for animal rescues and adopting animals in need. Along with being an animal activist, Rachel is also a fierce environmentalist and has started her own company, Friendly Studios, that will make vegan, plastic-free jackets.

With her contribution as an Ambassador for Little Hearts Learning, Rachel will continue to help those in need by assisting with fundraising for a quality education in Papua New Guinea.


“Wars of nations are fought to change maps. But wars of poverty are fought to map change” - Mohammed Ali

When the amazing Esther reached out to me early this summer about being a donor to Little Hearts Learning, I was intrigued. In subsequent discussions, as Eliza and Bob’s plans to eradicate poverty via quality education and their belief that the only acceptable answer to the existential threat of global poverty is to be a part of the solution were elaborated, I knew right then that is the initiative I wanted to be a part of.

Little did I know that I was embarking on a wonderful journey surrounded by a set of truly amazing, kind and compassionate individuals bounded by a global cause.

I’m deeply grateful for the professionalism and ethics demonstrated by the board of LHL in handling this past week’s events and the honesty and integrity of Eliza & Bob in providing the transparency and choice to us donors.

Proud to be a member of the cornerstone family and excited to be a part of this journey - onward & forward.


The experience I had being involved with Little Hearts Learning as a Builder donor was absolutely incredible!

To have the experience to be a part of something greater than myself was an absolute honor! And to have met so many kindhearted, like minded individuals along the way has made this experience even more rewarding!

I eagerly await for future endeavours to begin unfolding, and be along for the ride as, together, we make a big difference to someone’s small world! The excitement I feel at being involved is indescribable and I cannot wait to see what the future brings! Thank you so much to the Little Hearts Learning team for extending the invitation to be a part of this family! It was an absolute pleasure and I am truly grateful.


When I met Esther for the first time on Instagram and we started to talk I couldn‘t imagine the possibilities. She told me about the inner circle and answered every question with patience. I thank her very much that I had the opportunity to be able to do more.

During the inofficial zooms with Heather we had the chance to get to know each other better. We all had so much fun. Heather is very committed, really funny, and helpful! She was all for being there and caring about us and our wishes!

At the beginning I was totally nervous, especially because I'd only been learning English for three months at that moment. But every single call gave me the feeling to be part completely and that language is not an obstacle.

It was my first time meeting Eliza and Bob. I admire both for what they do and for what they stand for:

They speak about Body positivity
Mental Health
Supporting the LGBTQ-Community 🏳️‍🌈

After the opportunity to get to know Eliza and Bob better I appreciate and love them much more now! They have such a positive impact on the lives of many people, including mine ❤️ Beautiful souls. I would like to thank the whole Little Hearts Learning Team and my 4 lovely ladies ❤️ They are all so helpful, kind, and lovely . Their words of support made me less nervous and gave me more security. I am truly thankful and blessed to be a part of this family. I‘m looking forward to meeting them all in real life and to giving them a big hug!