Little Hearts Learning is excited to really walk the walk and we want you to join us! Train for the Kokoda Track right alongside us May 15th through June 30th by signing up for the Kokoda Track Challenge. Complete 100 miles any way you choose. Walk it. Run it. Bike it. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, feel free to mix and match. The goal is to finish 100 miles while raising funds to provide all-inclusive services to the families living in and around the track.

100 miles / 160 km
Papua New Guinea

You will be able to track your own progress and check in with others throughout the challenge using Pacer. You can send encouraging messages and share photos as you finish personal milestones along the way! Little Hearts Learning will also be able to send any announcements or messages, too. Be on the lookout for messages from Bob Morley and Zach McGowan.

While we get fit, let’s help PNG get one step closer out of poverty.

Now Available: New Tier System

Mt. Bellamy (Includes):

Custom one-of-a-kind Kokoda Track Medal
Marathon Bib
Participation on competitive Leader Board via Pacer

Owers’ Corner Tier (Includes):

Electronic Marathon Bib
Participation on competitive Leader Board via Pacer

Kokoda Track Virtual Challenge
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Kokoda Track Virtual Challenge
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What is the Challenge?

Enrollment for the Kokoda Track Challenge starts on April 18th and will continue until June 5th. You can sign up below and pay your entrance fee of $125. The challenge itself runs from May 15th to June 30th. Yes, you can sign up after the challenge begins, but you’ll just have less time to finish. We challenge you to complete 100 miles in the 46 days any way you would like! There will be a few things to keep in mind.

1. Do what you want when you want how you want it. In other words, run, bike, walk your way to the 100 miles in the timeframe you chose for yourself. Do it in a weekend, a week, a month, or take the whole time!
2. Use the Pacer App to keep track of your progress and to connect with others. No one should do anything alone. Cheer other people on and receive messages from LHL. We are stronger together!
3. We want this to be a fair challenge! We encourage our bikers to keep going by counting each 4 miles biked as 1 mile.
4. You will get a one-of-a-kind medal at the end of the challenge sent to you. It is designed by our amazing creative team, and you will want one to hang on your wall!
5. HAVE FUN! We hope this challenge helps you connect with other LHL supporters as well as with the team. You know what they say: friends that sweat together, stay together. Let this be the first of many challenges we accomplish as a team!

For those of you competitive individuals, there will be a leader board both in the Pacer App and on our website! You can also keep up with the LHL Team members training for Kokoda and talk to them via messages about their training. Who on the team will train the hardest and longest? We shall see.

WE HOPE YOU WILL JOIN US AS WE TRAIN TO HAVE BOOTS ON THE GROUND IN PNG! (Due to COVID-19 spreading in PNG, the team’s trip has been moved from June of this year to late October.)

All fees will be donated to the general building fund for PNG which helps build the ECEs, the aid post, and so much more to ensure the families on the Kokoda Track receive the services they need. Each step on your 100 miles is one step closer to closing the poverty gap.

NOTE: Once registered, a detailed email will be sent to your inbox within 10 days of the Challenge start date.


What is Kokoda Track?
Kokoda Track is a trail running through Owen Stanley Range in Papua New Guinea. From Owen’s Corner in Central Province to Kokoda in Oro Province, the trail covers 96 kilometers or just under 60 miles. Despite being mostly a straight line through PNG, Kokoda Track is one of the toughest trails to trek with most of it crossing terrain only accessible on foot. Taking as long as 12 days to travel from one end to the other, we want to prepare for such a big task with these first 100 miles.
What is Pacer?
Pacer is a free fitness app which helps track your progress and connect with others participating in the same challenge. You will need to download the app and sign in using the challenge code. From there, it is easy! Pacer can connect to your smart phone’s hardware to detect movement, or you can use the app’s built-in GPS tracker to keep up with your progress. After that you are all set! You just need to start the challenge.

Kokoda Virtual Challenge