Are you the ultimate Potterhead? Prove that you can ace your O.W.L.S and N.E.W.T.S in our first ever Little Hearts Learning trivia night. Date TBA.
Freshen up on all your Harry Potter knowledge as this night is sure to be harder than the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Deck yourself in your finest robes, and grab your sorting hat to pre-pick your teams. This is going to be a night as epic as the Battle of Hogwarts. Make sure to pay the $15 entrance fee below. Whether you’re a Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor, or Hufflepuff, make sure each of your team members has purchased a ticket below!

The Harry Potter Trivia event is open to all ages 14 and above. Participants 14-17 years of age must submit a signed parental consent, and a parent must accompany their teen to participate in the event.

To participate in the Trivia, each participant is required to register as an individual or on behalf of your team. Teams can be up to 5 people.

Whether playing solo or with a team, each player is required to make an entry donation of $15 to Little Hearts Learning in order to register.

Once registered, keep an eye on your email for updates and fun with fellow fans leading up to the event.

The Zoom room meeting link and sign-in instructions will be provided 3 days before the event.

Players must plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time. Each team will be assigned a volunteer, and will need to sign in with that person upon arrival.

Additionally, team names and logos will need to be submitted to your assigned volunteer at least 1 week ahead of the event.

Dress in your best costume or dress up your Zoom window to win special giveaways during the event.

Preliminary Elimination Round

Each participant/team will receive a fillable Google quiz that contains the questions for the initial round. You will submit answers directly into the Google quiz and submit prior to the end of the first round.

Scoring Intermission

There will be a brief scoring intermission during which you can stretch your legs and grab a beverage. Be sure not to wander too far, though! We’ll announce those teams progressing to the next round promptly after intermission ends.


TAfter the scoring of round 1 is complete, the top 9 teams will be announced and will move on to the next live round. If your team does not progress, please stick around – there is so much more fun to be had! (And maybe even prizes to be won!)

Muggles Elimination Round

In the event of a tie, the tied teams will receive a new Google sheet and have 5 minutes to answer 15 questions. The points for each question will be based on the difficulty and listed next to each question. After 5 minutes, answers must be submitted to the Quizard for scoring. The field of teams will then be eliminated down to 9.

The Finals will consist of 9 teams and 9 rounds. All teams restart the scoring with 0 points.

Finals – Platform 9 ¾ Verbal (Audio & Visual)

Round 1: Wizard Wonders (General Questions)

Round 2: Potter Pros Last Names (Staff & Professors Trivia)

Round 3: AUDIO: Harry Heard a Who (Audio Questions)

Round 4: Potter Spells Spell (Harry Potter Spell Effect Questions)

Round 5: VISUAL: Harry Potter Pics (Picture Harry Trivia)

Round 6: Which House are You In? (General Harry Potter Questions)

Round 7: Harry Potter Spells Galore (ID What the Spells Do Category)

Round 8: Missing Potter Pieces (Name the Missing Item Trivia)

Round 9: Potter Mania (Lightning Round) – A random team will be chosen to start this round. A team will be asked 9 Direct Questions in a row, with 2 seconds to respond to each question. Each Direct Question is worth 10 points. Only one person will plays the Lightning Round.

House Cup Round

The top 3 teams after the Finals will move on to the House Cup Round, where there will be a total of 6 Direct Questions. If there is a tie after 6 questions, there will be sudden death. In sudden death, if the team incorrectly answers a question, the team will be automatically eliminated and placed accordingly. The last team standing wins the House Cup!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to participate?

We are requiring a $15 entry donation to Little Hearts Learning from each participant to participate in this Trivia fundraiser. Your donation is going directly to support Little Hearts Learning’s projects in Papua New Guinea.

How do we play?

This is a virtual trivia event that is run live on Zoom. Study up on your Harry Potter – rewatch the movies and reread the books, because we expect the competition to be fierce! Your team will need to craft a team name and an electronic logo. More details will be sent out in the months and weeks leading up to the date.

Can we play solo or should we be a part of the Team?

You can play solo or be a part of a team. Each member of your team must register separately and pay the donation fees to be able to play. Houses may contain no more than 5 members.

I’m in a team but we are all spread out across the world. How do we communicate during the Quiz?

We will provide breakout rooms for teams, but of course you are welcome to connect via your preferred chat application simultaneously. You should not leave the zoom during the event, however.

How do I submit my answers in the Preliminary Round?

Each participant/team will receive a fillable Google quiz. You will enter your answers into the quiz and must submit by the end time of the round. Only one submitted quiz per team will be permitted.

How do you prevent cheating?

We have a very, very complex system that detects cheaters with 99.99% accuracy. We could explain the area under the curve, but there are not enough bytes.

Are there prizes?

Yes! Besides prizes for winning the House Cup, there will be giveaways during the event. So show up in your best costume or dress up your Zoom window to win.

How long is the Quiz?

About 1.5 hours total. We have a lot of fun to pack into that hour and half, so help us stay on track by keeping to the rules and providing what is asked of you in a timely manner.

What are the team sizes?

Teams can be as few as 1 individual, and as many as 5 people.

Do I have to buy tickets for my whole team?

Each team member must purchase a ticket, but you can help us out by determining your team name and roster prior to registering, and entering that information on the registration form.

Can I add more people to my team later?

It is possible, as long as you won’t have more than 5 people total. Be sure that that person adds your team name on their registration form, as well as other teammates’ names.

Can I join after the quiz starts?

Sorry, no. Registration closes a few days prior to the start time so we can prepare the final details. Additionally, all registered participants must be checked in prior to the event start time.

Can I change my team name?

We will ask for your team name either at registration or within a few weeks of the event date. Be creative! Also, plan to design a team logo that includes your team name and first names and last initials of each team member. More details to come. Once you’ve set your team name, please avoid changes if at all possible so that we can avoid confusion.

I didn’t find my answer here.

That’s totally intentional. We love hearing from you. So drop us a line here