Little Hatchling Hearts

It is with a full heart that LHL is announcing plans to construct our third ECE center in Buna, PNG – Little Hatchling Hearts. This double classroom will be constructed from locally sourced materials and will provide work opportunities for local tradespeople. We can’t wait to work with you on making this dream a reality!

Little Hatching Hearts

LHL, with your help, plans to build a prefabricated double classroom to give Buna’s youngest students a head start on their educational journey. We have named this school Little Hatchling Hearts after the baby sea turtles that hatch all along the coast of beautiful Buna.

We see our young students as hatchlings, brand new students beginning their long journey of education. It won’t be without its challenges, but at least we at LHL can give them a place to hatch safely and be nurtured into the next phase of school life.

About Buna

Buna is a beautiful coastal village that lies on Oro’s northern beaches. The people of Buna are known as ‘fighters’ due to their large part in the historic WWII invasion of PNG. Although they are a part of the track, the village does not seem to attract the support of international donors that other locations do. Buna is home to an elementary school where kindergarten students have been taught in improvised, low quality classrooms over the last few years.

About the Teacher

Joe Bore is dedicated to teaching the youngest of children. Over the years he has taught the elementary children of Buna in a makeshift classroom, and under nearby trees. A teacher who was not officially qualified, Joe undertook teacher training at the Kokoda College School of Education in 2016. After many hardships and obstacles, he is about to be placed on the government payroll with the Department of Education, a well deserved win for this much loved educator. Although he has faced many challenges, Joe is committed to teaching and has always done what is best for his kids. It is our hope that this new facility will provide him with the resources to teach the youth of Buna for many years to come!