When you support a woman, you support her, her
family and her community. You can help the Gorari
Women’s Group establish a business to produce and
sell much-needed female hygiene products called
“Pawa Packs.”



The Gorari Women’s Group is a small enterprise producing and marketing female hygiene packs for the women and girls in the community. Earlier in the year we were able to assist the women of Indigo House and others from the local community to their small business producing Pawa Packs – the Safe Haus Women’s Group. To date, LHL has funded the equivalent of 24 Pawa Packs, but we aren’t stopping there. With your support, we will be able to redirect funds raised to invest in the purchase of packs for the women of Indigo House from the Gorari Women’s Group– a win-win for women in both locations.


The recent outbreak of COVID-19 in PNG has seen restrictions on movements between
provinces which has made the delivery of necessary resources to Gorari near impossible. With your help, LHL will provide the business and technical training to up the skill the Women’s Group and set them up for success.