LHL understands not all wounds are visible. The rate of family and sexual violence in Papua New Guinea are among the highest in the world, with some estimating that 70% of PNG women experience physical or sexual assault in their lifetime, and with children also being significantly affected. In helping children, families, and schools in this province, we have seen the need and are humbled to be given the opportunity, with the help of our donors, to house and care for these women in their greatest time of need.

Through our partnership with KTF, LHL hopes to provide these women with light in the midst of their darkness. From crisis to emotional healing, Project Lavender will see to the care of these women and children, understanding the privilege in helping the bruised and broken reclaim their health and dignity while rebuilding their lives.

Let’s work together by sponsoring these amazing women and children. To maintain their privacy and protection, pictures can not be provided. Our top priority is the safety and protection of those we serve. Each family unit will be represented by a flower native to Papua New Guinea, to signify the resilience, beauty, and growth of the women and children that reside with us.


You may ask why Project Lavender? LHL named this project after the native lavender flower that grows wild and free in PNG. Without question, every woman and child deserves the chance to blossom and grow in a safe and nurturing environment. The location of this safe haven is confidential to protect the privacy and safety of those seeking refuge there.

These women and children are scared, hurt, and in despair, but Project Lavender stands ready, with your help, to provide emergency shelter, social services, specialized trauma counseling, rehabilitation activities such as plans for employment, medical care, and legal advice from the Family Sexual Violence Unit.

It’s important to remember abuse is rarely straightforward. Women in abusive situations often fear retaliation, financial ruin, threats to their children, and even their lives. Though they may recognize the abuse, too often they feel trapped and powerless to change their situation or fear that the ramifications of leaving their abuser will be worse than what they’re enduring.


It’s a goal of Project Lavender to make sure every woman and child knows and understands once they arrive on our door step that they survived the abuse and that they will survive the recovery! Knowing the severity of domestic violence, and seeing it in the eyes of those served, we at LHL asked ourselves an important question: we asked not why do they stay? But instead, how can we help? This question is the driving force behind Project Lavender!

Together, through monthly sponsorship or a one-time gift, we can have a life-changing impact on these women’s lives, helping them to live a life free of domestic violence. This critical financial assistance will help survivors regain stability and self-sufficiency, giving them the confidence to move forward with their lives. Together, we can do anything.