Killerton Solar

Solar panels, in the traditional sense, are used to generate electricity for our schools and villages. But for LHL, they do so much more. Bringing light to villages means students will excel in their home studies, families will generate more income, being able to work longer hours, and crime rates will decline ensuring individuals can safely walk the streets at night. Help LHL give the gift of light with the Killerton Solar Panel Project.


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About Killerton

Midway between Buna and Gona, Killerton is a small village by the sea with a population of just 350 people. Accessible by dinghy, Killerton lies north-west along the coast from Sanananda, on the mouth of a large river and is exceptionally exposed to the elements. It has recently been hit hard by earthquakes and is prone to flooding. This village is in need of ongoing support as it has experienced great devastation in 2020 having survived a 7.0 magnitude earthquake and great floods.

Killerton Solar Project

The remote location of the Killerton village means that it has little chance of receiving access to the PNG electricity grid. With your help, LHL will install solar panels in 87 homes, bringing light after dark to some that have never had it before. Our solar units have a battery, solar panel, and 3 lights strong enough to light a home. They also have a USB port to charge mobile phones or other small devices like tablets to enable vital communications. Units will cost $175 each to fully install. Help LHL to shine a light on Killerton and its people. We thank you in advance for your contribution to this resilient and unique community.