TikTalks for Teens

LHL Presents: “TikTalks for Teens” –  A virtual leadership & empowerment workshop.

By providing this opportunity, LHL hopes to bring together teens from across the world to interact in a safe environment. These moderated sessions will promote leadership and empowerment by discussing positive body image, anti-bullying, and the importance of education.

Our Spring TikTalks sessions are currently fully enrolled! Stay tuned for info regarding our Fall TikTalks.

All the Deets & FAQs!

This is a moderated event and open to teens across the world between the ages of 14 – 17 only.

Each participant must submit an application form AND submit a 300 word essay on the topic below:

Tell us your story – what unique opportunity or challenge have you experienced that has shaped who you are today?

Scroll down for the application form. Application and essay due date: TBA

If your application is approved, we will contact you with a private link to a parental consent form, which must be signed by your Parent/Guardian.

Donations are always appreciated. Click on the “Building Donation” link below for details.

Building Donation

Email essay to: mgorman@littleheartslearning.org


1. How many sessions do I get with Eliza & Bob, and how long is each session?

Each participant will get 2 sixty minute sessions, Dates TBA .

2. Are Parents/Guardians allowed to participate?

Parents may monitor their child’s sessions, but should do so from the same screen as their child.

Parents may not actively participate in the session by asking their own questions.

3. Am I the only one meeting with Eliza & Bob, or will there be multiple participants?

Each session will have a limited number of participants (no more than 10), as well as a moderator and a professional clinical psychologist.

4. Are there any rules?

We ask that each participant be respectful of Eliza and Bob, other participants, and the moderator. While Eliza and Bob are open to answering most questions, please be respectful when choosing your questions. Participants will need to sign a code of conduct, and Parents/Guardians must sign a parental consent form.

5. Can I record or take pictures of the session?

Any form of video recording or taking photographs of the session is prohibited according to our Code of Conduct. Our moderator will however be taking a group picture of the session and will share it with the participants at the end of the session.

6. How will my information be shared?

None of your information will be shared outside of LHL.

7. When will I hear if I am accepted?

Our team will be working diligently on the vetting process. You should hear back from us within 24-48 hours of submission.

8. Do I need to submit an application form AND the essay?

Yes, both the application form and the essay are required to be eligible to participate.