upcoming events

Eliza’s Birthday Fundraiser

In honor of our Board President, Eliza Taylor , we would like to celebrate with a fundraiser!

Kokoda 60 Mile Graduation Challenge

Join Little Hearts Learning as we embark on our second Kokoda Track Challenge! The Kokoda
Track is a trail in Papua New Guinea that spans 60 miles and connects several remote villages
along the way. This challenge is a celebration of our sponsored teachers who will be traveling
the Kokoda Track as part of their graduation walk. We will be celebrating their
accomplishments while continuing to look to the future.

When: October 11 – October 31

LHL Trivia Event

Are you the ultimate Potterhead? Prove that you can ace your O.W.L.S and N.E.W.T.S in our first ever Little Hearts Learning trivia night. Date: October 23.
Freshen up on all your Harry Potter knowledge as this night is sure to be harder than the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Deck yourself in your finest robes, and grab your sorting hat to pre-pick your teams. This is going to be a night as epic as the Battle of Hogwarts. Make sure to pay the $15 entrance fee below. Whether you’re a Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor, or Hufflepuff, make sure each of your team members has purchased a ticket below!

Give back while we Fall back

On November 7th many countries will set their clocks back one hour before they go to sleep, gaining an hour. We are asking that you donate one hour’s worth of your salary to LHL on this day to help break the poverty cycle through education. We know that many people depend on their hourly wages, and we are so grateful to anyone and everyone able to donate! Help us give back while we fall back and donate one hour’s worth of wages because, well, you have one extra hour that day so let’s spend it together, giving back to those in need.
Check back on November 7th for our day lights saving campaign!

Baking with Eliza

Who doesn’t love holiday baking? Join Eliza as she greases her pans and prepares to bake for the holidays!
Date: November 20th

Did someone say baking with Eliza?! Don’t forget to purchase a raffle ticket as well and you may get the chance to bake on screen with Eliza!

Thanksgiving Raffle

We’re always most thankful for YOU! All of our supporters are the heart of Little Hearts Learning. A lucky winner will get the chance to win a personal holiday video from Mr. & Mrs. Morley

12 days of Christmas